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A beautifully bound lay flat book of nude modern dancers in motion. Inspired by the photographs of Duane Michaels, Eadweard Muybridge and Francesca Woodman and painters Marcel DuChamp and Francis Bacon.  Limited to 500 books.

Features & Details
  • Category  Fine Art & Photography

  • Large Landscape, 12X12 30X30 cm
    52  Pages

  • Publish Date 3/17/2020

  • Language English 


Black and white photographs of women; personal friends, family, and strangers. Taken on the streets and in private boudoirs, they represent a span of 50 years of photography. The actual layout of the book across facing pages is sometimes ironic, sometimes comic, always engaging.

Features & Details

  • Category  Fine Art Photography

  • Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
    142 Pages

  • Publish Date Nov 10, 2014

  • Language English 


The annual Memorial day Blowout at the Gulfport, Mississippi Dragway in May of 1989. The Texas Banditos were in attendance. Sex, drugs, rock & roll, and motorcycles. A unique piece of America.

Features & Details

  • Category  Fine Art Photography

  • Size Large Format Landscape, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
    78 Pages

  • Publish Date Jan 12, 2009

  • Language English 


Photographs documenting life and times in Haiti during the period 1986-1987. It was a turbulent time after the exile of the president for life Jean Claude Duvalier extending to the first free elections in Haiti's history.

Features & Details
  • Size Large Format Landscape, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
    212 Pages

  • Publish Date Mar 01, 2009

  • Language English